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38south photography

I'm Robert Kenyon, a photographer on the Bass Coast, Victoria, Australia. The Bass Coast is the coastline along central and west Gippsland, includes Philip Island, and it is a truly wonderful part of the country. The name 38south photography comes from the fact that I live at a place that is around 38 degrees south in latitude. I hope it's a fairly easy name to remember, too.

Most of my photography could be described as landscape, seascape, creative and abstract, but I photograph anything really. More recently, I've been doing theatre work and some portraiture, which I particularly enjoy.

It started when my mother lent me the family camera with a roll of  film when I was about seven years old. After using the roll and anxiously waiting for a week or so, the results finally came back from the village chemist shop, which in those times was the centre of all things photographic. From that moment on I was captivated with everything photographic.

And so to today – I consider myself very fortunate to live where I do and to be able to devote more time to photography. Most of this is done for simple enjoyment, but I also do work by request.

To me, a still photograph is the visual capture of a moment in time that will never be repeated. At another time it will be different: plants grow - new branches, new grasses, new colours, people grow and change, the waves will be different, the sand different, the clouds different, and most of all, the light will be different. In a way, it embodies the Japanese philosophical saying  “ichi-go, ichi-e”  which means “one time, one meeting” - that we should treasure every moment because it will never be repeated. This especially applies to our time spent with other people.

I hope you enjoy looking at my work.

Most of the photos in the collections are available for purchase, the only exceptions being some of those with identifiable people, as I may not have releases available. There are many options for purchase, from prints of any size to mounted and framed prints ready to hang.

My photographic services are available for hire for events and any other special purpose photography (but sorry, not weddings).

Please contact me via the contact page.